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The very first App of participatory democracy "Mobile web 2.0"!
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of a Politician, a Municipality or a Public Insitution, that you will find on electoral material you will find all the information you need in one page with anyone you like!
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Download the app and take a picture of the QR code that you will find on t-shirts, campaign posters, business cards, hats, stickers, pins worn by politicians and wherever you find the logo of

Read the latest news, interact with opinion polls, send private messages.It doesn't stop there, help fundrasing the political campaign of your candidates, or help raising funds for a specific cause,through the built in PayPal feature; also, follow updates on twitter and watch videos, including live streaming!

From politics to public administration, thanks to, citizens can now make their voice heard through this new and innovative mobile communication app that enhance participatory democracy in all its facets. works on any Smartphone or Tablet devices equipped with a camera.
Take a picture of a QR code with any QR code reader, and access the profile of the politician or candidate associated with it.
Use the app to access all the services and start interacting with the candidates or politicans of interest!
Work on any Devices!, one mobile app, different communication needs



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